Introducing 12Bingo

12Bingo is a comprehensive platform for all common and popular online betting games or events in a one-stop destination. As a brand new platform established in 2024, 12Bingo is developing rapidly to become one of the most reliable, fastest growing and widely participated online casinos in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

12Bingo satisfies all the expectations and requirements as the best online casino searching by every new or experienced player. From the typical live casino, to the popular sports betting and online slots, as well as modern stuff such as esports betting and fish shooting, nevertheless, old fashioned games like bingo, we are providing all of them even in more fascinating, immersive and innovative ways.

12Bingo strengthen their trustworthiness and credibility by operating the betting platform in a highly genuine and legit manners, running by a powerful and top secure backend to ensure the most steady and smooth gaming experience. We also hold a few of gambling licences granted by reputed authorities in Asia and worldwide.

Tons of Marvellous Games with Great Winning Odds

Join 12Bingo to begin unprecedented experience of online betting in several categories. By collaborating with plenty of renowned vendors, hundreds of games are available here 24/7 with many seats or tables ready. Spend your leisure or pastime while making a rich fortune now!

  1. Bingo – Turn the classic number game online
  2. Live Casino – Exciting streaming games like you’re there
  3. Poker – Challenge other players with solid mentality
  4. Sports Booking – Betting on famous football competitions worldwide
  5. Slots – Simple, quick slot games with huge jackpots await
  6. Fishing – Conquer the sea world with great shooting skill
  7. 4D – Your lucky number might bring you the lottery
  8. Esports Betting – Make a fortune in the modern type of sports
  9. Promos – Crazy benefits for new and existing players
  10. Customer Service – Friendly and helpful customer support 24/7

A type of betting which is suitable for all kinds of players. Slot games require the least of gambling knowledge or skills, players only have to choose the lines and hit the Spin button then wait for the result.

How to define a trusted online casino?

A trusted online casino should be legit, genuine, stating the platform’s background and basic information on its pages. You may ask on social media or search engines regarding a brand that you are checking for, to gather some reviews and sharings. Some famous celebrities who act as ambassadors could enhance the platforms’ trustworthiness too.

12Bingo is a trusted online casino in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, we hold gaming licences granted by reputable authorities including the Macau government, the Cambodian government, First Cagayan and Costa Rica government.

How to make a deposit or withdraw in an online casino?

There are various methods to put your money into or take them out from an online casino account, the most common one is online banking service.

At 12Bingo, you may perform a deposit or withdrawal not just via online banking, but also with e-wallet services such as GCash and PayMaya which are faster and more convenient.

How to Make Sure Online Betting Run Smoothly?

Both sides effort from the platform and the players are required to make sure online betting is processed steadily and stable without any interruptions or slow loading.

12Bingo ensures that our platform is always at the top running performance with a powerful and advanced backend. However, the players should equip themselves with a well functional device, up-to-date operating system, and a fast and stable internet connection while playing in an online casino.

How to Find My Suitable Casino Games?

You may start a game in online casinos which you are interested in or familiar with. For instance, if you have played Baccarat or Blackjack with friends or family with physical cards before, then you can explore them in the live casino section.

If you are a football lover, you are welcome to bet on football matches in the sports booking section. If you are a great shooter in action games, try the fish shooting games.

What Are The Requirements to be an Online Casino Member?

Every online casino in the Philippines or Asia might ask for different information during their member registration.

12Bingo provides a simple and easy sign up process, we only require you to fill in the name and contact number, then you have become our member after the verification through OTP number is done.

When Can I Get Promo and How?

Promos and bonuses in every online casino are basically categorised into new members and existing players.

At 12Bingo, you are eligible to collect a welcome bonus after you sign up, another promo is available too after you make your first deposit.

You can claim those benefits by clicking the Promo section on our page, or contact our customer service if you still didn’t receive it.

Is Online Casinos Illegal?

The legality of online casinos depends on the country’s government law. Please check your own country’s law to determine it.

However, if your government prohibits online betting, while you are still able to access an online casino, you shall play it carefully at your own risk because what you did is not protected by the law.

How to Find Best Odds in Online Casinos?

You may join as a member of multiple online casinos, so you can compare the odds given by each casino at the same time.

You can also search the winning odds of a betting event, for instance, a football match, from different vendors on the same platform, to check which vendor offers the higher odds.

12Bingo always provides the best winning odds among all games for our players. We suggest you explore multiple vendors to figure out the most worthy one.


12Bingo – Win Bingo Live at Best Online Casino in PH

Looking for the most comprehensive online betting platform to enjoy all the classical, popular, trending and exciting games or events? Searching no more but join 12Bingo now!

12Bingo is a new founded online casino in the Philippines, developed and designed by professional teams with the latest technology and most advanced systems, and customised for the Filipino and Southeast Asians.

Among a plenty of online casinos in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, 12Bingo makes themself perfect by providing all the common games available in other betting platforms with better experience, but also offer more fascinating events with satisfying winning odds.

We feature at least eight major sections including bingo games, live casino, slots, 4D lottery, poker, sports betting, fish shooting games and esports betting.

Bingo is a classical event in the gambling industry. Been active since the 1920s, it is still practised by a lot of players nowadays.

Bingo comes with a card with 25 boxes, each with a random number between 1 to 75 (depending on the regions), while the middle box is left blank as a free bonus.

The caller will read a series of numbers, the player who matches five numbers told by the caller in a line of horizontal, vertical or diagonal on his card is considered the winner.

Bingo game is quite familiar in the United States and Western, it is also sometimes an event for charity purposes or being played on certain occasions such as a party, gathering or even an educational activity in a school.

When a bingo game turns from physical cards to an online betting event, the excitement and fascination are more than you could imagine!

In an online bingo game, the playing rules or betting instructions are similar to the physical card game, with a few differences to make it more convenient and faster to both the operator and players.

The players can choose to either mark numbers of their cards manually with a pen given, or ask the system to mark it automatically when it matches the teller’s numbers. Most prefer to mark by themselves, because this is the interesting and exciting part of the bingo game.

Players are able to buy multiple cards in online bingo to enhance their winning probability. It needs such incredible luck to win a bingo game with just a card!

Interested in trying online bingo games as a new experience? Make sure you find a trusted, reliable and secure online casino to play live bingo in the most genuine way!

12Bingo is an online betting platform in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, which provides the best environment to start a live bingo event for both fresh and experienced players.

We collaborate with several reputable vendors including Bingo Mega, Bingo Rush, Bingo GINTO, Bingo Aqua and Bingo Bite, to offer you various choices to join a live bingo game.

With mesmerising graphics, fascinating gaming interfaces and outstanding streaming quality, we guarantee that you will never enjoy bingo better than all the other platforms.

Quickly join the live bingo game at 12Bingo to win a huge prize by shouting BINGO now!

Not in favour of a bingo game? Rest assured, there are a huge variety of betting events available at 12Bingo, where you can make a fortune with a small amount of funds.

Live casino is the main section in every online casino in Southeast Asia, it features regular casino games played through live streaming to the physical casinos.

Baccarat is known as the most popular live casino game in Southeast Asia. It served with plenty of tables all the time, where you can easily get a seat to place a bet.

Blackjack or 21 is a common betting game available in almost every land based casino worldwide. Meanwhile, roulette is a table game which is played as a spinning circle, unlike other card games.

12Bingo collaborates with several gaming suppliers, each with different layouts and gorgeous live dealers to serve all online players.

Slots is another top popular section in an online casino in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Slot games are one of the longest types of gambling in human history, the first slot machine was invented in 1891 in the United States.

A slot machine contained three to five reels with symbols on it, buttons to choose lines and a level to pull and spin the reels.

Today, slot machines have evolved into online slots, with more fancy graphics, interesting themes and most importantly, faster and easier to spin and win.

In an online slot game, players only have to choose their credits and lines (the more lines, the more credits needed but the higher chances to win) and hit the Spin button.

Unlike other sections in online casinos in the Philippines, slots required the least knowledge or skills, therefore, online slots are a favourite among older players, or amateur players who surf online casinos just for pastime.

Bet on your favourite team’s matches in the best sports betting platform in the Philippines now!

12Bingo also featured sports booking as a hot section, where people could bet on various sports competitions or events including football, basketball, car racing, tennis and badminton.

Football lovers are welcome to place a bet on their focused matches while watching it, to enjoy double excitement and make a fortune when their chosen team wins.

The English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Spanish LaLiga, FIFA World Cup, Euro Cup and other popular competitions are available in the football betting section at 12Bingo.

Join as a member of 12Bingo now to enjoy crazy deals of bonuses, rewards, cashback and extra prizes!

A Welcome Bonus will be given to every new signed up member upon their registration. Some more, another bonus or free credit will be offered after the new members made their first deposit in the 12Bingo account.

There are also many exclusive promos provided in specific gaming sections and certain vendors, such as extra prizes in Baccarat and Roulette, or extra jackpot in an online slot game.

For existing players, to appreciate their continuous participation on our platform, we are giving a daily bonus to those who login to their 12Bingo account everyday.

Having any doubts or questions regarding our online casino? Don’t be shy to make an inquiry by contacting our customer service.

You can easily reach our customer support team by clicking the CS button on our homepage. Our CS team is well trained and friendly to help, which is available 24 hours everyday, you are welcome to ask for assistance even at midnight hours.

Our customer service covered all the inquiries related to every aspect in the online betting platform, including deposit or withdrawal, playing instruction, account profile issues, promos or bonuses etc.

The process of making a deposit or withdrawal is the top concern of every player in online casinos. They surely expect the money transactions regarding their casino account to be performed in a highly efficient way.

Considering the requirement of players, 12Bingo is dedicated to make sure all the deposits and withdrawals on our casino accounts are processed in the fastest, safest and most convenient way.

Our payment system featured multiple methods, including the traditional online banking service, GCash, PayMaya and others.

There are no extra charges for any type of transactions here, while the minimum amount of deposit is low enough, as our objective is that everyone can join an online casino with affordable funds.

12Bingo is a trusted online casino in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, which is convenient to access and play on all devices including computers, mobile phones and tablets.

We designed different interfaces compatible with each device, making sure every player has the suitable layouts and comfortable gaming experience.

Of course, we are operating our platform with a powerful and highly advanced backend, to ensure all games here are performing steadily and smoothly without any issues of slow loading or stopping caused by our side.

12Bingo is concerned that mobile phones are the major type of devices used by our players, therefore, we are putting huge effort into enhancing the betting experience via smart phones, as well as developing mobile application (app) to escalate the gaming quality for mobile users.

Be a part of 12Bingo community by signing up now with simple steps and easy verification.

All you need to do is fill in your name and contact number, then create your own password. You are officially a member of 12Bingo after completing the phone verification.

There are plentiful benefits for a 12Bingo member. Not just enjoy all the fascinating games, you are eligible to collect a huge number of promos and bonuses.

The earlier you join us, the less you’ll miss out on all the advantages received by a 12Bingo member!